Structure vs no structure

What awful words to use, structure reminds me so much of school, and the purpose of home-educating is that the children do not go to school but learn in a broad and wide variety – such as life.

However to be brutally honest here, it was destroying me. We’ve spent nearly 9 months trying to work out what suits us as a family best, and even now I know it will take another 9 months to find out if it works and tweak it daily as necessary. My children have been in School, they are used to a routine and following instructions. We have de-schooled and I think we are in a fairly happy place. Yet there was something missing. Behaviour was becoming hard to manage and I was beginning to wobble, I told them if they did not respect me or listen to me, I would need to consider them returning to School.

So we set up reward charts (I hate these – but it’s not all about me) and a list of things they must do before they can go on their tablets (another story). We have decided to start GCSE’s with Maths being first so the eldest two children will be working towards that. My eldest daughter will be starting Art Awards. The younger two will concentrate on reading and maths.

So yesterday, we did some food groups work (random), some negative numbers (GCSE), letter formation, placing instructions into order, read theory and electrical circuits, and it worked. We read in the afternoon and baking took place late evening.

I need to look into planning more, and how to manage this without becoming so structured that there is no time for anything else. But we will give this a try as I do not want them to lose the skills they have from School.


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