The whys and the why nots?

There are many different reasons why people home educate and many do not. It’s difficult to put an exact number on the amount of families that home educate in the UK. I was surprised by how much is on offer to us. There is a huge community and people tirelessly give up their own time to find discounts on websites and arrange trips out to many wonderful places.

So back to my point the reasons why and why not….

  1. Many, many people do not realise that home education is a perfectly legal way to educate your child in the UK. It is not compulsory for them to attend a school, the legal requirement is that they must receive a suitable education. How that education is provided is down to you.
  2. Finances, once you take responsiblity for your child’s education, then all the financial cost is on you. Some local authorities provide various degrees of support such as 5 GCSE’s but most offer no support.
  3. Exams, they are not necessarily necessary. It’s up to you whether you decide to take that route or not. You can play to your child’s strengths here, also remember you have to pay for them too and find a centre that will take private candidates.
  4. Socialisation, the lack of it or maybe too much. People always seem to think if children are not in school then they won’t have the option to socialise. I’m not sure how sitting in a class with children all the same age as you is socialising? Anybody know any job where you are segregated by age? Home educated children socialise with a huge number of people of varying ages.
  5. Fear, people judge you, think you are crazy and that you are failing your children. That they won’t have the opportunities that children in school have. No they won’t, to be honest they’ll probably have more. You are the best and only person to truly know your children and what works best for them. Some children will never thrive in a formal environment other children will flourish. Home allows you to provide what works best for your child, also you can spend as much time as you need on each subject to ensure your child fully understands what they need too.

I am not anti-school, I have however come to see the faults in our education system. It has never changed or adapted to our ever differing society that is needed for our children to function in the future. Home education is not for everyone, however people need to know that is at least an option.



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