Social Media, the perils

I’ve been on the wrong side of some of the home educating posts a few times over the last few weeks. With varying arguments occurring on these sites, it’s easy to see why people leave and why people stay far away.

Some of these groups are almost venomous in their responses and there can be a pack mentality. Now a lot of people are anti government and loathe any involvement from a email that ends in Yet sometimes the powers to be have to become involved for whatever reason. Now I keep this separate Facebook page for two reasons. One, so I don’t bore everyone with the daily exploits of my family and two as a record if anyone questions my educating, which I’m sure will arrive at some point.

Now with regards to that, I don’t have to show anybody anything that we do, they have no right to enter my home or see my children. Unless they think I am not providing a suitable education. I do not have to follow a time table or a curriculum. Now this must send shivers up the spine of most people as we become so familiar with our education system that we can’t believe that there is another option. We are lucky in the UK because in some countries it is illegal to home educate your children. In Wales it is a currently a waiting game with new guidelines allegedly due any moment now. We don’t know what effect they will have on the home educating community and with us moving there shortly, I know that I am waiting with some trepidation.

I would like to come away from Social Media, however I know it is pretty much impossible in this day and age, plus how would I know what amazing opportunities there are for my children, what fantastic apps or website there are or how to cook a turkey in time for Christmas? I just find it so hard to stay away and also to remain there, its a double edged sword and something still of a novelty. I would say its only the last 8 years that it has become a staple of my life. I’ve always said that Facebook is both the best and worst thing ever invented. I think part of my new years resolutions will involve social media and technology and I don’t think I’ll be the only one.