Educational Philosophy

When your child is at school, do you give much thought to the educational philosophy that your child is working towards? I’m reading Ross Mountney’s “A funny kind of education” and this is a question that she asked a private school mum. I have to say that I have never really given it much thought until the last week or so. 

I need an educational philosophy, I need one because 

a) I want one, it’ll help shape the children’s journey

b) The LA’s when they decide to get in touch may require one

So what do I want for my children, how do I want their journey to be?

I would like them to be confident, happy and articulate learners, I want them to problem solve and question. I want them to look at the world around them in awe and respect. I want them to enjoy learning, and have a passion and spark in what captures their interests. I want them to be well-read and somewhat cultured with at least a tiny knowledge of the classics and masterpieces from around the world. I want them to be compassionate and show empathy. I want them to be loved and know they are loved, and be able to love in return. I want them to be kind and be able to show kindness and have no barriers to friendship. 

It doesn’t look much when written down, however I think most parents could say they want the same for their children. The thing is we don’t sit down and look at it. I have to take this philosophy and weave it into our everyday lives. I need to make it ours. 


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