The choice to home educate

If you asked me 6 weeks ago my reasons for home educating, I would have replied with “my children will need to go to 3 different schools” I physically and mentally did not want to go through this. Our lives up to now had always been abit crazy due to my business, but now I wanted some stability for my children. 

Now it’s because I’m seeing a change in my children, for the best. They are showing interests in things they never would have 6 months ago. They are playing together and exploring. They are asking questions and looking for solutions. They want to learn what they are interested in. 

I keep hearing stories from friends about what their children have to do in school. I know how my children would struggle with what they are being asked to do (well told to do). I also can’t actually see the benefits of what is being asked for them. I don’t understand the reasoning behind except for data purposes. Does it actually make this children into happy, well-rounded children? 

School doesn’t make children happy, why would we not want our children to be happy? I’m not a “hippy” but happiness means a lot to me and I think it is very much undervalued by our society. My children will still take IGCSE’s and gain qualifications. However they will do the ones that interest them, ones they have a passion in! We all know that when we have an interest and a passion we cannot fail to learn. 


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