Lost Photos

I’m devastated that the photo’s I uploaded to my computer last week are missing. They are not even in the recently deleted bin! However thanks to Facebook most of them are on there. Yet I need to ensure this doesn’t happen again. There are two main reasons for this

1) memories – however we need to sometimes take less photos and just pay attention more

2) in case it is required by the Local Authority.

We’ve been deregistered now since the end of the Summer Term 2016. To date I have had no contact from any of the 3 LA’s that could have contacted me. Now some home educators welcome that, whilst I’m little concerned. We as a family appear to be in the minority of those that home school for reasons other bullying, disillusion with the system or additional needs. Those families will quite often have a negative view and fear of the authorities. On one hand I can understand that and could potential feel the same. However  having worked in Child Protection (many moons ago) there are a lot of children out there that could be under the radar. I also appreciate that children in school are also under the radar at times, there are numerous serious case reviews out there.

Yet if I don’t have any contact with the LA how do I know if there are any options out there for my children? For example I heard today of one LA that funds 5 GCSE’s. Now thats something I would want to know about. Having to fund 4 children through 5 GCSE’s is going to have a cost implication. What I would like from our LA’s is access to resources and information. However the internet is awash with it, my head has been swimming with ideas this week!

Each family has it own reasons for home educating and the level of involvement they would like – however should regulations be brought in for those families? Maybe something to ponder on for another post.


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